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Your Guide to Online Shopping in Kenya

Long are the days you have to queue at the supermarket for hours to buy products. More people prefer to browse and purchase products in popular shops available online in Kenya instead of window-shopping and making purchases in conventional stores. While shopping at the comfort of your home and waiting for the shopping agent to deliver the product at your doorstep or office is convenient with less hustle, scammers have also taken advantage of online shopping in Kenya to rip off Kenyans their hard money. This blog was founded with one purpose; to guide you if you are new to online shopping by providing guides to shopping safely, unbiased review of gadgets and opinions from readers thus help you make an informed choice and get value for your money when you shop on online.

Popular Online Shopping Websites in Kenya

Which website do you think is the best if you want to purchase a gadget such as a Samsung phone? How about purchasing a gift for your bae? You will probably say Jumia for the gadget but what about gifts? Each online shopping website in Kenya has a core business and understanding this is the key to finding the best online store in Kenya.

General Online Shopping Stores


Jumia’s vision is to revolutionize the shopping experience in Africa. The reason why Jumia is the favorite for many is that it was the first in Kenya. Jumia lets consumers shop conveniently and pay via Mpesa either on pickup or before shipping depending on the price of the product. The company also provides shoppers with the opportunity to shop for global products not available in the market. Jumia started by selling electronics such as smartphones, computers, and home appliances. However, the company has expanded to provide products in health and beauty, baby products, fashion e.t.c


Masoko by Safaricom is among the popular online shopping website especially because it is powered by Safaricom. Many people prefer purchasing smartphones online via Masoko because they trust the Safaricom brand.

Sky Garden

Sky Garden is a go-to websites for many consumers in Kenya because it handpicks and sell trendy products. I recently bought a unique watch that instantly caught the attention of my friends who wanted the same saying it is unique and they love it.


Kilimall is also another popular online shopping website that currently operate in Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria. The platform sales a wide variety of products such as smartphones, computers, TVs, Tables, beauty and fashion products and many more.

Online Marketplaces in Kenya


Jiji, formerly OLX Kenya is the best online peer to peer marketplace. The shopping allow sellers to list their products in their platform, enable the seller and the buyer to meet and easily trade with each other. Most of the products available at OLX are second hand meaning they are cheap. The key benefit of OLX is that shoppers can easily purchase products within their location to easily meet the buyer. The seller can then inspect the products before paying to avoid being scammed.

Pigia Me

Just like OLX,Pigia let sellers list their products for anybody who want to purchase to view. If interested, Pigia Me allows you to get contacts of the seller and arrange for shipping, and payments

Online Gift Shops in Kenya

Pablo Gift Shop

If you are looking for unique gifts such as a wallet, watch and happy socks then Pablo Gift shop is the online shopping store for you. The most unique aspect of the shop is that it offers same day delivery services.

Mama Mikes

Looking for romantic gifts such as cakes, flowers, or gift vouchers? Then Mama Mikes is the place for you. According to Wikipedia, Mama Mikes help Africans living in diaspora to send remittances back home in form of gifts.Mama Mikes also help Africans pay dowry from abroad through their cow and goat delivery service! That is exactly what Google says

5 Tips to stay Safe when shopping online in Kenya

Shop on familiar websites

Always shop on familiar websites that some of your friends have used before. In case you are new to online shopping, I recommend that you read their reviews, checkout what people say in social media and speak with the support representative before making a purchase.

Protect your personal information

Information about customers is confidential and never disclosed to third parties.

Use strong passwords when you register with online retailers

Having a good password will help you keep track of orders you purchased privately without other people seeing. For instance, it can be embarrassing if your friends find out that you bought condoms or dildos! So ensure that your password is strong to keep your purchases secret.

Check on the company returns policy

I once purchased a product online and when the product arrived, I opened it only to realize it was not the product I wanted. Upon returning, the company refused saying that the return policy states that once the product is opened it cannot be returned!

Find out information such as how long will the delivery take? What is the shipping fee? What is the return policy?

Be careful with offers that are extremely exiting?

My friend recently bought a laptop from an online website in Kenya purporting they are giving him 40% discount. A week later, the guy realized that the product was way cheaper at a normal local stock as compared to what he paid even after getting 40% discount. Therefore, it is good to confirm compare prices in different stores to ensure that the price being offered is the actual one.


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